Chemical products

CPV code: 24000000-4.

Parent caregory: EN.

Sub categories

24000000-4: Chemical products
24100000-5: Gases
24200000-6: Dyes and pigments
24300000-7: Basic inorganic and organic chemicals
24400000-8: Fertilisers and nitrogen compounds
24500000-9: Plastics in primary forms
24600000-0: Explosives
24900000-3: Fine and various chemical products

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Химически продукти
Chemické výrobky
Kemiske produkter
Chemische Erzeugnisse
Χημικά προϊόντα
Chemical products
Productos químicos
Kemialliset tuotteet
Produits chimiques
Chemical products
Vegyipari termékek
Sostanze chimiche
Chemijos produktai
Ķīmiskie produkti
Prodotti kimiċi
Chemische producten
Produkty chemiczne
Produtos químicos
Produse chimice
Chemické výrobky
Kemični proizvodi
Kemiska produkter